For more capacity with smooth plate floor. All things can be arranged freely on the smooth plate floor, which can be opened 3 ways. This has been design for real usages. Help you shipping very smooth at any circumstances. We help you save all the costs.

"Big back pick-up; strong enough to against all obstacles"
Standard Pick-up
Super Jumbo

Fully capability

to save all costs.

The best value that fits for all working purposes. With pick-up base made from steel for heavy loading for multi-purpose tasks.

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Wide open to the next step of loading. Responds all what you need with the appearance, utility, saving, and strength.
1. Smooth plate (lobe)
3. Pick-up handle
5. Hood hinge
7. Side skirts
2. Back break light
4. Rubber bumping
6. Front bumper

Smooth plate floor
for commerce

In detailed perfection with all-new standard smooth plate floor in Thailand. This is for business transportation, agriculture works; for all business changes in globalization.
8. Inside cargo hook (optional)
9. Hood cover; sides and back: 3 ways

True leader of smooth plate floor

The widest and strongest smooth plate floor pick-up. Ready for heavy loading. Change all the challenges to be easy and convenient. Toyota Hi-lux Vigo Champ standart type and smart cab type are ready to be the champion. “No worries with any tasks”
Fully loaded. The more distances, the more worthwhile.

Respond to all multi-purpose tasks

Strong and resistant. The best value of smooth plate
of single cab and trailer with the most capability,
fuel savings,and resistant. “Fully capacity as you wish”
Special design for loading. Ensure you at every move. The only brand who reinforces the base for more capability of loading. International standard tests are checked.

All-new Isuzu DMAX Spark

For new business era, with smooth plate floor pick-up. Isuzu is beyond the capability with special chassis; road traction, good balancing even for super loading. Respond for all you needed;
full capacity with wider
and longer pick-up.

Smooth plate floor (lobe)

Super jumbo pick-up for fully loaded. We design smooth plate floor (lobe)not to stick with wheel arch. It can open 3 ways, make it convenient to lift up and down all the supplies. The appearance looks gorgeous with fiber skirts all over the vehicle. * Carryboy licensed *
Back bumper
with stairs

We have been develop the products for all types of business; big, small, or SME. We are ready to service you from the start; install CNG/NGV, leasing with “Carryboy Leasing”, Insurance and act. Only thing we can say, “best value”
Install CNG/NGV 3 tanks; 210 liters (liquid) with all-new technology of CPU 32 bit, supper fuel injector 3.0 with Toyota Hi-lux Vigo Champ today.
1. Standard type 2.7J-PS VVT-i
2. Smart cab type 4x2 2.7J VVT-i
3. Double cab type  4x2 2.7E VVT-i
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Install CNG/NGV and Super Jumbo smooth plate floor pick-up help you save money and time, at good price. More elegant with skirts all over the vehicle. The only one who design and made all in one CNG system directly from the manufacturer. You can be trusted in the capability and safety.

HINO 300; fully loaded

The most worthwhile with new standard of smooth plate floor pick-up. Designed and installed at the manufacturer, so you can trust in the quality.

Multi-purpose Trailers

Smooth plate floor for hanging with trailer; to increase more capacity/round. Help you save all costs. The trailer set has brake system inside, and supporting truck equipment; made from mild steel for super loading.
* Carryboy Super Jumbo. reserves the right to change or modify the price, amenities, interior, exterior and specification at any time without prior notice.
** All designs and techniques of the products have been protected by law; from patent and copyright. The imitator will be prosecuted.
*** The descriptions and illustrations shown here are for information purpases only. Pictures may vary from actual unit.

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